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Arguably the use of an AGM battery is the best choice for an installation in the 4WD Caravan, Camping and off-road industry.

It is, of course, personal preference of what type of battery an individual decides to fit to their caravan, motor home or camper trailer; however it is in the opinion of 4WD Caravan Camping that the technology offered by an AGM battery is the best suited in the circumstances encountered in our industry.

AGM stand for “absorbed glass matt”. A basic explanation of an AGM cell is this: The cell is divided into 6 separate 2 volt cells, linked together to produce a 12 volt battery. Each 2 volt cell is divided using heavy duty ABS plastic. Within each 2 volt cell there are lead plates which are again separated using “glass matt” sponges; these glass matt sponges absorb the sulphuric acid (hence the name absorbed glass matt). Essentially this means that the battery is a “bonded design”, strengthening the battery for use on corrugated roads or rough terrain.

All batteries release gasses when under charge, however; AGM batteries are VRLA (Valve-regulated lead-acid battery), this means that instead of releasing gasses into the air when charging, the battery will instead open “valves” between each cell and transfer gasses to the next cell). This essentially means that under normal charging conditions (with an approved and suitable charger) the battery will not release dangerous gases into the air.

In summary, the AGM battery is leak proof, maintenance free, heat resistant, vibration resistant and can be used on any side (even upside down)! An AGM cell will charge extremely fast and is designed to be constantly and continually discharged and recharged.

AGM Batteries have an excellent standby use for long term storage, making them the perfect choice for the off-road industry.

Finally the technology of the Thumper has been extended to the larger AGM Batteries!

The AGM Thumper Redback is a high quality AGM Battery; this completely sealed battery has a fantastic standby life, making it the perfect choice for the use in Caravans, Motor homes and camper trailers.

Unlike other batteries on the market, the AGM Thumper Redback holds a very low internal resistance. This means the Redback has the ability to charge at a rapid rate and as a result it can reach fully charged within 2 – 3 hours of charging.

The Thumper Redback is classified as our “hybrid battery”. Due to the way in which this battery is configured it allows for this model Redback to be not only be used as a deep cycle battery, but also as a cranking battery.

Don’t need the cranking power in your Deep cycle battery but need the HEAVY duty cycling ability?

... take a look at our REDBACK EXTREME AGM MODEL


Weight – 28.5kg (approx)

Length – 305mm

Height – 220mm

Width – 175mm

2 Year Warranty


  • Leak Proof
  • Rapid recharge rate due to a low internal resistance
  • Can reach full recharge within 2 – 3 hours from alternator
  • Excellent standby use
  • Excellent long term storage
  • Heat resistant
  • Vibration resistant due to bonded element design
  • Completely sealed – can be mounted on any side
  • Can be mounted in sealed compartmenT
  • Under bonnet use
  • Superior discharge ability compared to a wet cell
  • High CA output
  • Up to 5 times faster recharge than a wet cell battery

Full 2 year manufacturer warranty!



Thumper Redback Battery Technology:
The Redback Thumper is an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type battery.  The AGM battery is a fully sealed 100% maintenance free battery, plus AGM batteries are ideal for interior fitment.  The AGM battery will not leak acid or release any harmful fumes and therefore can be installed inside the vehicle.  The advantage with AGM batteries is that, not only can they be used as a superior deep cycle battery but because they also have high CCA output, they can be used as a start battery for the vehicle.
The AGM cells like to charge between 13-14 volts, which makes them the ideal battery to charge from the vehicle as they will charge close to 100% via the vehicle�s alternator.

Will my Thumper Redback leak or spill?
The Thumper Redback AGM battery is a completely sealed unit. As opposed to vented (also called flooded ) batteries, a VRLA AGM battery cannot spill it�s electrolyte if it is inverted. Because the AGM battery is a fully sealed unit it can be stored on it�s side and still perform at it�s full efficiency.

Will my Thumper Redback hold a memory?
No, one of the biggest disadvantages of the ni-cad type batteries was that after shallow discharge cycles the unused portions of the electrodes remember the previous cycles and are unable to sustain the required discharge voltage beyond the depth of the previous cycles. The AGM battery does not exhibit this �use it or lose it� effect known as memory and can be recharged from any state regardless of the previous discharge or recharge cycle.  This means that this will not affect the life of the battery which is 5-9 years.

Can I store my Thumper Redback in a non ventilated area, such as under the bed?
Yes, because the Thumper Redback is a sealed battery it will not release any fumes therefore it can be stored under the seating or bed in a caravan with no issues even in a draw system in the back of a 4wd.

Charging my Thumper Redback battery
Your new Thumper Redback AGM battery can be charged from the 12volt alternator, 240volt power source or solar power.
If you are charging from your vehicle, your alternator is designed to regulate the charge voltage going into the battery.  This means that you don�t need to worry about overcharging your AGM battery while charging from the vehicle.  However, some vehicles may have an issue with low voltage drop such as the latest model Landcruiser and Prado.  In this situation you could fit a DC-DC battery charger or a diode fuse which will increase your charge voltage.
For charging from mains 240V power, you will need to use a fully regulated switch mode battery charger which will have the ability to switch to a float mode when the battery is fully recharged.  This type of battery charger will not over charge your new Thumper Redback AGM battery and in most cases will be suitable for all battery types.
Projecta have a good range of switch mode battery chargers which can be purchased from Home of 12 Volt.
If you are looking to free camp with your new Thumper Redback battery and you have considered purchasing a solar panel to keep the battery charged, that is a wise move. Just make sure that the solar panel that you use is fitted with a solar regulator to prevent overcharging.

How many years should me Thumper Redback battery last?
Providing that you keep your Thumper battery charged and not let the voltage go below 10.5V, you should get about 6 years life span out of your battery.
The best way of getting the most out of your battery is simply by keeping it charged.

Can I use my Thumper Redback to crank my vehicle engine?
Yes, you the Thumper can be used to crank the vehicle engine.  The Thumper Redback 100ah has a crank rating of 880 CCA.  Although this battery is not a dedicated cranking battery, it can be used to start the if needed.


Price - 295.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)
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